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If Switch has GameCube Adapter
I know everyone like Smash players prefer GameCube controllers since Melee, even GameCube lovers too. After the era of Smash 4 for Wii U, when the GameCube Virtual Console games for Nintendo Switch comes out,
Imagine that Nintendo would release a new GameCube Controller Adapter for Nintendo Switch.

Since there's VC import games like Japanese Super Mario 2, Detana TwinBee and Puyo Puyo 2 available n worldwide, I wonder japanese import VC GameCube games come out in my following suggestions:
Hudson Selection on GameCube Volumes 1-4
DreamMix TV World Fighters
Mr. Driller Drill Land

Made with Paint.NET (Stock Photo Mashup)
GameCube and Switch (c) Nintendo.
Screenshot from Super Smash Bros. Melee (c) 2001 ,Nintendo and HAL Laboratories.
Here are dream suggestions for the next game of Konami Krazy Racers franchise with double seated / tag team feature which is an inspiration of "Mario Kart Double Dash" and "Crash Tag Team Racing", known as "Konami Krazy Tag Team Racers/Wai Wai Racing Double-Double".
It may use the modified engine of Super Tux Kart, Table Top Racing: World Tour or El Chavo Kart. Otherwise it may create its own with Fox Engine or Unreal Engine.

PC (Steam)
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Wii U
Sega Dreamcast 2 (Imagined console that any Dreamcast fans dreamed of like Bernardo Villarreal who makes a fanmade startup)
Apple TV

Goemon - Ganbare Goemon
Ebisumaru - Ganbare Goemon
Pawapuro-kun - MLB Power Pros
Solid Snake - Metal Gear
Grey Fox - Metal Gear
Light - Twinbee
Pastel - Twinbee
Nyami - Pop'n Music
Mimi - Pop'n Music
Takosuke - Parodius
Belial - Parodius
Dracula - Castlevania
Kid Dracula - Castlevania
Pentarou - Penguin Adventure
Hanako - Penguin Adventure
Pyramid Head - Silent Hill
Robbie Rabbit - Silent Hill
Sparkster - Rocket Knight Adventures
Wolfox - Parodius
Master Higgins - Adventure Land
Hikaru - Parodius
Akane - Parodius
Koitsu - Yu-gi-oh!
Aitsu - Yu-gi-oh!
Frogger - Frogger
Lily - Frogger
Hikaru - Parodius
Akane - Parodius
Upa - Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa
Rupa - Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa
Ming Ming - New International Track & Field 
Anna Baburowa - Parodius
Reiko Hinomoto - Rumble Roses
Konami Man - Wai Wai World
Konami Lady - Wai Wai World
Moai - Gradius
Kappa - Kappa no Kai-Kata
ALT - Pop'n Music
ALT 2.0 - Pop'n Music
Timer - Pop'n Music
Minit's - Pop'n Music
Bear Tank - Rakuga Kids
Astronots - Rakuga Kids
Disco / Afro - DDR
Emi - DDR
Babylon -DDR
Zukin - DDR
MZD - Pop'n Music
Simon Belmont - Castlevania
Tran - Beatmania IIDX
Rie - Pop'n Music
Sanae - Pop'n Music
Yuli - Pop'n Music
Ash - Pop'n Music
Tamayo - Pop'n Music
Fillia - Skullgirls
Cerebella - Skullgirls
Peacock - Skullgirls
Parasoul - Skullgirls
Captain Cat Kit - Ragukakids
Raiden - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Milk - Pop'n Music
Yakko-chan - Pop'n Music
Kirarin - Pop'n Music
B-kun - Pop'n Music
Poet - Pop'n Music
Mr. KK - Pop'n Music
Smooooch - Beatmania IIDX
SigSig - Beatmania IIDX
Vanellope Von Schweetz - Wreck-it Ralph

Reimu - Touhou Project/Pop'n Music Lapistoria
Marisa - Touhou Project/Pop'n Music Lapistoria
Bart Simpson - The Simpsons Arcade Game
Lisa Simpson - The Simpsons Arcade Game
Mordecai - Regular Show 3DS game
Rigby - Regular Show 3DS game

Platform Exclusive Characters (inspired by Soul Calibur II and Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing games):
Timber - Diddy Kong Racing - Wii U
Tip-Tup - Diddy Kong Racing - Wii U
Banjo - Banjo-Kazooie - Xbox One
Kazooie - Banjo-Kazooie - Xbox One
PaRappa - PaRappa The Rapper - PlayStation 4
PJ Berri - PaRappa The Rapper - PlayStation 4
Mooselini - PaRappa The Rapper - PlayStation 4
Sister Moosesha - PaRappa The Rapper 2 - PlayStation 4
Sans - Undertale - PC
Papyrus - Undertale - PC
Foxy - Five Nights at Freddy's - PC
Mangle - Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - PC
Arle - Puyo Pop Fever - Sega Dreamcast 2
Amitie - Puyo Pop Fever - Sega Dreamcast 2

The Wii U Version may have the GameCube controller compatibility.
Even Bluetooth game controllers are compatible with Android and iOS versions.

Plus, Unlockable Character Outfits for each character!

Takosuke - Blue Visor (Default), Rope Head Band, Panty Hat
Mimi - PNM16 Party (Default), Pop'n Stage, PNM8, PNM13 Carnival, PNM Portable, Sunny Park, PNM20 Fantasia, PNM23 eclale
Nyami - PNM16 Party (Default), Pop'n Stage, PNM8, PNM13 Carnival, PNM Tune Street, Sunny Park, PNM20 Fantasia, PNM23 eclale
Pastel - Pilot Suit (Default), Swimsuit (Twinbee Yahoo)
Pentarou - Flak Jacket, Pirate
Hanako - Flak Jacket, Pirate
Hikaru - Bunny Girl (Default), School Girl
Akane - Bunny Girl (Default), School Girl
Timer - PNM16 Party (Default), PNM6, PNM23 eclale (Crazy World)
Minit's - PNM 14 Fever, PNM21 Sunny Park, PNM22 Lapistoria
ALT 2.0 - Linear Locomotive (Default), DOES NOT COMPUTE (Hacked and Saved forms)
Poet - PNM3 Celt (Default), PNM7 SUNNY, PNM15 PINKISH, PNM20 SENTIMENTAL, PNM21 Sunny Park
Mr. KK - PNM5 PERCUSSIVE (Default), PNM10 Alternative, PNM20 Urban Rock, PNM15 PERCUSSIVE 2
Milk - PNM8 EUROBEAT Love Love Sugar (Default), PNM12 Nyro Rock, PNM16 Waitress
Smooooch - smooooch (Default), Flip Flap, Wuv U
SigSig - SigSig (Default), Horizon
Disco / Afro - DDR X2 (Default), DDR 5th Mix, DDR MAX 2
Emi - DDR X2 (Default)DDR SuperNova 2 (Default), DDR 4th Mix, DDR 5th Mix
Zukin - Kaeru Zukin (Default), Devil Zukin, Dark Zukin, Queen Zukin, Robo Zukin

Special Go-Karts
Twinbee - Twinbee
Winbee - Twinbee
Bear Tank - Rakuga Kids
Hippopo - Pop'n Music
Spring Pony - Pop'n Music
Linus - Beatmania IIDX
Vic Viper - Gradius

Nitro Courses
Kai Highway - Music: Ganbare Goemon 2 - Journey Beginning
Firefly Swamp - Music: Frogger's Adventures: The Rescue - Firefly Swamp
Village Sky - Music: Pop 'n' Twinbee - Stage 1: Village Sky / Twin Memories
Moon Colony - Music: Gokujou Parodius - Space Hit Parade

Tune Street - Music: Pop'n Music Tune Street - [Frontier] Tanken Note
Upa's Magical Course - Music: Pop'n Music 9 - Bokutte Upa 
Dracula's Castle - Music: Pop'n Music 15 Adventure - Akumajo Dracula Medley (hybrid version)
Cyber Field - Music: MGS2 - Yell Dead Cell

Kingdom of Zephyrus - Music: Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2 - Stage 1
Twinkle Town (from Rakugakids) - Music: Pop'n Music 10 - Rakugakids - Holiday
Sky Avenue - Music: Pop 'n' Twinbee - Stage 5: Wildlife / Sky Avenue
Ice Paradise - Music: Penguin Adventure - Stage 1

Power Stadium - Music: MLB Power Pro Soundtrack?
Kai Highway 2 - Music: Ganbare Goemon 2 - Journey Beginning
Shadow Moses - Music: Metal Gear Solid - Main Theme (Espacio Brothers remix)
Pop'n Carnival - Music: Pop'n Music 13 Carnival - Pop'n Carnival March

Pop'n Sea Side - Music: Pop'n Music 10 - Sea Side City
Frog City - Music: Frogger Beyond: High-Tech Music 2
Ice Paradise 2 - Music: Pop'n Music 7 - White Lovers
Easter Islands - Music: Gradius ReBirth - Stage 1 - Heavy Blow

GTI Club Circuit
Magma Castle

Love 2 Circuit - Music: Pop'n Music 14 FEVER! CS - Noria - Love 2 Clutch
Sunset Beach - Music: Beatmania IIDX 18 Resort Anthem - Mermaid Girl
Beanstalk Park - Music: Sexy Parodius - Let's sing!
Big Airship - Music: Pop'n Twinbee - Big Airship

Moon Colony 2 - Music: Gokujou Parodius - Space Hit Parade
Parocity - Gokujou Parodius - In the Crane Game
Wai Wai World - Music: Sexy Parodius - Maniac Shooting
Twinkle Wonderland - Music: Beatmania IIDX 6th Style - Linus, Beatmania IIDX 8th Style - Murmur Twins, Pop'n Music 20 Fantasia - Twinkle Wonderland

Retro Courses from the GBA version of Konami Krazy Racers
with Enhanced Remade music by Seiya-Murai
Even Mobile version of Konami Krazy Racers can for Retro Courses.

Like Pop'n Music and Soul Calibur II CS games, it may have omake illustrations/pictures to unlock.

If anyone thought of Konami-related courses for this game, Post a comment below.

Originally submitted from my first account :iconmamonfighter761: 4-12-2016.
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12-30-2016 Update:
This page is outdated. Updated info is over here! Click on the logo here!
Krazy Kart Racing Double-Double (Dream Game Title) by MamonStar761


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Hi, I'm back from my first banned account "MamonFighter761" and welcome to Mamon Star's Gallery where you discover the fun with fan arts and OCs.
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I'm just a cute Filipino brother bear geek who draws something cute and adorable, but sometimes other words to describe and is obsessed with one of my favorite video games like Pop'n Music, and some anime too.

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